Error creating database with Postgres


I’m preparing a Docker based environment, but I don’t think my issue is Docker related.

I’m runing into an issue with the database setup. I get the following error:

An error occurred while attempting to create a foreign key for the [email_mass_send_queue] object.
SQL: [alter table “psys_email_mass_send_queue” add constraint “fk_523dc480bfa83f7380aca453cf53e5fd” foreign key ( “template” ) references “psys_email_template” ( “id” ) on update cascade]. Error message: []. Error Detail [ERROR: syntax error at or near “RETURNING”
Position: 182].
The Error Occurred in
/var/www/preside/system/services/presideObjects/SqlSchemaSynchronizer.cfc: line 603
601: type = “presideobjectservice.dbsync.error”
602: , message = message
603: , detail = “SQL: [#obj.sql.relationships[ key ].createSql#]. Error message: [#e.message#]. Error Detail [#e.detail#].”
604: );
605: }

When I execute the query manually on my DB, I get no error. But when attempting to run Preside, I get a similar error regarding a different foreign key.

I’m using the latest Lucee Docker image and the latest Postgresql Docker image.


I wonder, have you run this application locally with CommandBox? We’ve no active Postgres users currently so this may simply (hah) be an undiscovered issue with our Postgres adapter or an issue that might be resolved with some configuration.

I’ve absolutely no clue / experience with Postgres though - perhaps @sebduggan might have some useful input?