GUI Builder Idea for Next Version


:blue_heart: then again you could get thisā€¦ then add you own elements : #woooh! :open_mouth: (edited)

or you could tone it back to this and add your own decorations : this front end grid builder as a basisā€¦ (edited)

they also have this:

their wysiwyg editor is also killerā€¦ (used it for years)

US$199 (no source), US$599 (full source) inc 150 layout blocksā€¦ + 500 more for US$179ā€¦ built for CMSā€™s. #crikey (edited)

Video: (edited)


This is great + I think there are a couple of ideas here.

  1. Layout editor - this would not be part of the rich text area, but a separate concept for managing page layouts. Layout areas could contain editable fields, etc. which would invoke the richeditor when edited. Done right, would be super awesome (I believe that Mura 7 has something like this??)
  2. wysiwyg editor improvements. From a quick look at the innovastudio, I couldnā€™t see a compelling reason to switch from CKEditor which is open source and allows to create our own plugins (i.e. Preside widgets). These plugins took a good deal of development so a switch of editor will be costly time wise. That said, improving the usability of the editor is always in mind - better skins, more keyboard shortcuts, etc.

Is there anything in particular about the innovastudio editor that rocks over CKeditor?