Integrate APIs to import free images


Would it be interesting to integrate popular image APIs to integrate photos easily?
The APIs that come to mind would be and/or
(I already wrote an API Wrapper CFC for pixabay)

The idea would be:

  • have an API wrapper
  • basic sys settings (api key, etc.)
  • image library browser and bulk import
  • either custom admin area or integrated into asset manager
  • search for images (categories, queries, by popularity, etc.)
  • see a list of preview images
  • bulk select a bunch of them, pick an asset folder and import

I think it would be a nice approach to quickly get assets into the CMS, for demo/testing purpose but maybe also for production use.

Any further thoughts?


Whatever you do though ,build an image import facade, then add the particular service to it.

Some corporates might also want to use paid services like Adobe stock, ghetty and others as they already have company accounts with those services, or like the Dept of Health here in Victoria where they have their own internal libraries.


Absolutely. I wonder if this ought to be an extension / multiple extensions. i.e.

Main extension: Asset importer with interfaces to create custom sources. Includes at least one working source (with the ability to turn sources on/off)
Extra extensions:

  • Adobe stock for Asset importer