Permanent banner notification in Preside admin


It would be really useful to be able to display a permanent notification/alert in the preside admin, maybe in a banner style at the very top or right beneath the top navigation bar.

This could be interesting for various situations, e.g.

  • showing the next scheduled maintenance window a week in advance
  • inform admins about available preside update
  • inform admin users about a recent update of their system (e.g. with link to release notes)
  • inform admin users about some important manual action to perform

A use case for a current client project goes as follows:
Create a reminder system in the backend where an admin can set milestones with target dates. When a target date of a milestone is reached the admins are informed (once by email but permanently in the admin, very prominent, visible on each and every screen). If the admin sets an “achieved date” for the milestone then this permanent message will disappear.


  • create a “framework” to use this concept programmatically
  • in addition create a sys setting to allow a sys admin to create a notification in the preside admin
  • options could be
  • enable/disable
  • scheduled (e.g. display from this date to that date)
  • dismissable (whether a user can dismiss the notification and does not see it again)
  • type of message (info, warning, error/problem)
  • maybe differ between title/heading (optional), a message and a link (optional)

Additional stuff for discussion

  • maybe it is possible to create more than one notification at a time
  • recurring notifications (e.g. 1-10. day of each month a notification is displayed regarding a maintenance windows on the 11. day of the month)
  • an admin user is currently able to “subscribe” to the regular notifications - to be notified by email: we could have an additional option that has the possibility to highlight specific messages from the preside notification framework in this banner/alert style to make it more prominent


Nice idea @jjannek.

Some thoughts…

From a UI perspective would it be useful to use a growl feature to display these notification, something similar to the notification on OSX that are dismissable or not depending on the severity of the notification.

There could be an option to the dismiss, or remind me in 1 Hour, 3 Hours, Tomorrow for example options.

These could be configured in a settings area where a CMS Admin could also see a history of the notifications if they need to look back at the history in a non-intrusive way.

The date triggered reminders could then also re-appear in a growl format which would appear independently of whatever area they are viewing in the CMS Admin.

Just my initial thoughts but could be quite useful.

Things like available Preside updates are already there so you could hook into that existing functionality to highlight when upgrades are available without having to explicitly go to the System > Updates area.


@nodoherty good points!
I am not sure what you mean by growl notifications. Do you mean physically hooking into growl? Or styling it in the same way?


Hi @jjannek - so something like this:


That looks nice. However I think it could be annoying as it might hide some controls in the admin.
Currently this is already the case with the regular alerts. E.g. it often hides the “add record” button and you have to dismiss it or wait until it disappears.
For a permanent notification that cannot be hidden that would be odd.
Therefore I thought we could have a small full width banner either at the very top of the screen above the navigation or right beneath the navi.
That way it would be permanent, prominent and would not affect usability.
For other use cases the growl style notifications would of course be super cool.