Clone Record many-to-many property

I’d like to make a many-to-many property in a record cloneable.

Use Case: The record has some relations I also need in the cloned record.

Can I do this? Adding cloneable=true to the property is not the solution.

According to the docs (Preside Documentation :: Record cloning), many-to-many properties should be cloneable by default.

Do you know where this is failing to clone? i.e. at the clone form stage? or after that?

I have an ordinary datamanager object with a m:n relation:

property name="downloads" relationship="many-to-many" relatedTo="asset" relatedVia="sponsorenseite_download" required=false cloneable=true;

When I clone the record all fields are cloned in the new form, except the field above. It’s just empty. Not versioned, nothing special like a pre/post handler. Preside Version v10.20.2. Not the very latest, but not really old.

Just did a search in the 10.20 series in the release notes for cloning: Release notes. Looks like this was fixed in 10.20.5 (but latest hotfix with bugfixes is 10.20.41):

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Haha, ok. Got It. I’ll do the update. Thanks for finding out :wink:

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