Customizing the Sitetree Editpage - How to?

I’d like to customize the admin/sitetree/editpage and add some additional button on the top right. So I did an interceptor for postExtraTopRightButtonsForObject, but it isn’t thrown here (but works for all other objects in the datamanager).

How can I do some customization here?

Use Case: I’d like to integrate the deepl api to do some automatic translation.


The site tree unfortunately isn’t using data manager system (that was introduced much later), so all those interceptors/custom hooks won’t work.

For now, you’ll likely need to get a little hacky, either:

  • Find an appropriate view and override it
  • Do a postLayoutRender / preLayoutRender or somesuch to do some html find and replace :open_mouth:
  • Something else

^^ You’ll need to dig around the views / layouts used in the rendering of the site tree to figure out the best approach.