DataExport: formula field in relation throws error

Having a question about the dataexport of the data grid and related fields.

Following objects:

component {
	property name="label"           		formula="trim(concat_ws('', ${prefix}firstname , ' ', ${prefix}lastname , ' - ', ${prefix}eventid.alias ))" type="string" control="none";
	property name="eventId" 						relationship="many-to-one" relatedTo="event";
	property name="lastName"						type="string" dbtype="varchar" maxlength="100";
	property name="firstName"						type="string" dbtype="varchar" maxlength="50";



 component {
	property name="label"               formula="trim(concat_ws('', DATE_FORMAT(${prefix}startdate,'%d.%m.%y') , ' - ', ${prefix}alias ))" type="string";
	property name="alias" 							type="string" dbtype="varchar";
	property name="startDate" 					type="date"   dbtype="datetime" renderer="date";

When exporting contacts from the datagri I get the following error:
[ERROR] [2024-03-19 17:16:38] An [database] error occurred running task. Error message: [Unknown column 'eventId$startdate' in 'field list']

The error is quite obvious, the label of event can’t be calculated.

My questions are:

  1. Is this a bug? I know DB relations are complicated and what Preside does under the hood is already some kind of black magic.
  2. What is the best way to deal with this effect? Is there some best practice advice?

I would get around this with a new formula field in attendee and calculate the field here and leave out the field eventId from the export.