Datasource, [preside], not found


I am brand new to Lucee and Preside. I mean, a total newbie. I am following the Preside documentation on getting Preside up and running on a new site.

When the server starts for the very first time, I get the error “Datasource, [preside], not found.”

When I go to the Lucee admin at lucee/admin/server.cfm to create a datasource, I get “Cannot access, no password is defined”.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @letsonmike1962 - welcome :slight_smile:

It looks like a recent change in commandbox or something related has caused the datasources to not be setup correctly and this is likely the issue here. Our preside start command creates a .cfconfig.json file which Commandbox uses to load server config into Lucee - that should create the datasource for you and that is failing.

I’ll reach out to folks who’ve experienced the same and see if they have any solutions (womm).

Out of curiosity, what operating system are you running (and can we check versions of Commandbox and cfconfig)?

It might also be helpful to see the server config with the datasource that commandbox/cfconfig is creating. I just setup a test site and then found the server config at ~/.CommandBox/server/{uuid}-testsite/lucee-

This was the datasource that cfconfig injected into that file (and worked for me):

<data-sources psq="false">
		<data-source allow="511" 

This appears to be an issue with the default JDBC driver class that commandbox/cfconfig is using for MySQL and certain later versions of MySQL/MariaDB.

To fix @letsonmike1962 , you can add this line to your datasource definition in .cfconfig.json: "class":"com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver".

So that file might then look like this:


I have opened an issue with the Ortus team and will follow with interest. In the meantime, going to update our commands to include this latest driver as a patch for the problem.

Thank you! I did the final suggestion and that fixed the issue.

There are a couple of other oddities that I’m seeing which hopefully you can address as well.

  1. It seems I can only get the Lucee admin and my very simple one page web site to work in Incognito Mode.

  2. When I follow the quick start guide, it does not install the Preside CMS or Coldbox, and no errors presented as such. I had to install Coldbox manually. What am I missing here?

Thanks so much for helping!

I downloaded the latest & greatest Commandbox and I am running Windows 11 Pro.

I don’t quite follow “…and cfconfig”?

That is particularly odd, given you reported seeing a datasource [preside] not found message - that indicates that you had a Preside application up and running (but with a broken datasource).

I would not expect to need or be able to access the Lucee admin with this default setup as there are URL rewrite rules created by default in the application to block it.

Coldbox is installed as part of Preside, you do not need to install it separately.

I’d love to see some screenshots or somesuch of what you’re describing as it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

After starting the server, you should get a very dull homepage at the root URL (i.e. at{someport}/. Browsing to{someport}/admin/ should get you setup in the Preside admin and once you have your super admin setup you should be able to see some things.

So, I completely removed everything from the .Commandbox directory and started over. Everything went smooth and I now have a complete Preside CMS running!

I don’t know what the issue was but apparently it’s been resolved.

I’m going to repeat this several times so I have a thorough understanding of things.

Appreciate your help!

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Awesome sauce, glad to hear it. I’m curious as to your plans with Preside - just shout in a new topic here with any further questions :slight_smile:

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