Distinct/Group for Newsletter Recipienttype email addresses

I have an object, returning multiple entries with the same email address. I’d like to send out an email to all found recipients, but only once to an address.

Currently, I’d guess, the email would be sent out multiple times, because the recipient id of the record is unique, even thoug the email address is not.

Is there any way to prevent the multiple sending of an email to the same address?

There’s no kind of distinct or group in the datamanagers filter, but can I code something in the recipienttype handler??

Thanks in advance

This isn’t possible afaik, but would make sense as a default behavior I think. Would be good to understand what that recipient type looks like and its motivation so we can validate an approach.

The use case we have here is:
A form (not formbuilder) where people can register for different things. The data is stored very loosely in and object, having a field with the email address. The collected data is processed manually in and outside preside.

The question now was: Can I send an email to all people who signed up. Sounds simple.
The problem is: The email field is not unique, there’s no need for this.

What I did was creating a recipienttype on this object. But when filtering the records I realised that email addresses occur multiple times. Of course every single record has a unique ID for the email system. Makes sense.

Sending out the same email to the same address multiple times doesn’t make sense here.

The topic itself is quite tricky. In my case, if someone signs up for event A and event B with the same email and I want to send out emails with the correct context, I need to send out two separate mails. But If I want to send a kind of “Don’t miss the event schedule for next year” I shouldn’t send it multiple times to the recipient.

I absolutely see the issue, that a DISTINCT isn’t really possible, when the record ID is included.
But a DISTINCT functionality would be a nice addition. Also for things like data exports. Doing a DISCTINCT, depending on the fields selected for the export would be a helpful thing.

My recommendation for the use case currently was: “Export all email addresses and send out a mailing outside Preside”.
But: The generated excel file also includes duplicate addresses. The customer needs to clean the list in excle before using some mailing tool.

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We have a similar scenario for event bookings, etc. and wanting to send a general email to event attendees from all events.

There is a difficulty here in that variables will not work correctly if you only get unique email addresses and I think therefore some kind of additional recipient type is required where you somehow create and maintain a unique set of email addresses derived from the non-unique records.