Documentation Improvement

I’ve been reading the documentation as part of the my Preside learning curve. One thing that would be beneficial I think is a ‘step-by-step’ type of instruction when learning how to do a particular thing.

For example, say I want a form to appear on the front page of my web site. Instructions might be something like:

  1. Create the form in the admin under ‘Forms’
  2. Create this file here ( full path provided )
  3. Now create this file here ( full path provided )
  4. Now reiniit the site ( if needed )
  5. Now the form will be visible on the front page.

As it is, there are examples of XML files and such, but trying to decern the step-by-step process is difficult.

Of course, once learned one would know how, but for first time users it is a rather daunting process of trying to figure out how to do some specific thing.

That said, I’m very thankful for the amount of documentation available. And, the admin interface is a great looking piece of work.