Email centre -> sendlog: asset [/js/admin/specific/emailcenter/logs/viewlog/] not found

Updated to 10.24.10: Error in email centre sendlog:

Error: asset [/js/admin/specific/emailcenter/logs/viewlog/] not found


string 8: }
10: event.include( "/js/admin/specific/emailcenter/logs/viewlog/" );
11: event.include( "/css/admin/specific/htmliframepreview/" );
12: </cfscript>
string 8: } 9: 10: event.include( /js/admin/specific/emailcenter/logs/viewlog/ ); 11: event.include( /css/admin/specific/htmliframepreview/ ); 12:
number 0
string ??
number 10
string system.views.admin.emailcenter.logs.index_cfm$
string /var/www/mr-academy/preside/system/views/admin/emailcenter/logs/index.cfm
string cfml

That’s strange indeed. That asset definitely exists in Preside and I’ve verified that it is present in 10.24.10. Can I verify what page you are viewing? Anything else going on in your install, i.e. how is Preside installed? (we’re not seeing that error anywhere)

This is the page: https://domain/admin/emailcenter/logs/

everything else works fine. Installation was locally via commandbox via install [email protected]. We do this always like that, works fine.

What is missing, is a minified version of the file:

We’re not running any gulp processes, e.g., here.

Could you delete the install and install again? That file is present when I do box install…

Ok, it’s getting weird. The file existst locally, but seem to not be added to my git repository.
For whatever reason the file is greyed out in my VSCode.

Will investigate and keep you posted.

Oh man, what a “problem is sitting in front of the keyboard” error:

We accidently exluded logs in gitignore. But we did this not from the beginning. So, the not minified files, which already have been added to the repo and didn’t changed, were still in the repo, while the new generated minified files were not added to the repo according to the gitignore.

Silly me.

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