Formbuilder error while updating from presidecms v10.12

we’re trying to update an older installation (preside v10.12). i know that the form builder2 system was introduced in v10.13.0.

after updating we end up with this error:

component [] has no function with name [updateUsesGlobalQuestions]

we tried enable/disable v1 or v2 with the feature-flags in Vonfig.cfc

settings.features.formbuilder.enabled = true;
settings.features.formbuilder2.enabled = true;
settings.features.formbuilder.enabled = false;
settings.features.formbuilder2.enabled = false;

Anyone can help us out?

This would appear to be because your application has implemented its own FormBuilderService.cfc and not extended the core one (presumably).

Re-evaluate whether or not you still need your application’s override of this, and if you do, be sure to extend core with:

component extends="" {
// ... your overrides here
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genious, you’re right !

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