Get multilingual recors via formula field?

i’ve got an object “topic” with multilingual properties and i use a formula field in my object event" to retrieve a list with topics.

object “event”:

component {
property name="title" type="string" dbtype="varchar" required=false maxLength="200" multilingual=true;
property name="topicList" formula="group_concat(distinct ${prefix}topics.topictitle order by ${prefix}topics.sortorder asc)";

object “topic”:

component {
property name="topictitle" type="string" dbtype="varchar" required=false maxLength="200" control="textinput" multilingual=true;
property name="eventId" relationship="many-to-many" relatedTo="event";

if i switch languages in my frontend i get all records in the current language - except the records retrieved by the formular field.

is there a solution for that behaviour?

I guess that’s a bug, though something I wouldn’t tend to do. I suggest that it makes sense to pull the topics separately?

I presume you have:

property name="topics" relationship="one-to-many" relatedto="topic" relationshipKey="eventId";


thanks for your answer, Dom :-).
Yes, i could do that - but in my case it’s pretty handy to work with an formula field list result which is already sorted. but probably i’m the only one who use it this way. So i found this bug and live with it