New release strategy for snapshot builds

You may notice a big hotfix version jump in the next 10.26 hotfix (whenever that might be). This will be caused by making some changes to the build process and having to make multiple hotfixes to get it right.

The changes:

  1. A multi step flow with a matrix of testing platforms. For now, we’re testing Lucee 5.4 on Java 11 and Lucee 6.1 on Java 21
  2. All bleeding edge automatic builds will be 10.x.0-snapshot and not 10.x.0-snapshot003435, etc. This is to stop creating thousands of snapshot builds in forgebox that are never really used. Installing presidecms@be should install the latest snapshot build.
  3. We now have the ability to run a manual snapshot build where we can set the release name. We will use this to create alpha/beta/demo builds on any branch we choose. If you’re experimenting on a pull request, know that we can use this as an option to merge into a feature branch that we can build a special release from. Just reach out and ask.

All the old SNAPSHOT00XXXX builds have been deleted from Forgebox. If you’re installing one of these, you really shouldn’t be - so get updated to your latest hotfix for your minor version asap!

Thanks to @zac.spitzer for PR to kick off this work.

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