No matching function [$getRequestContext] found

Per the title of this post, here is my CFC:

The first three dumps successfully render their expected output. However, the dump outlined in red fails with the below error:

I can even insert records into the author table, but the code returns this:

In the first error, it’s clearly finding the methods in except for the selectData() one.

Thanks in Advance!

Can you try it with simply:

property name=“presideObjectService” inject=“presideObjectService”;

By using the full path rather than the reference, you may be getting the bare CFC without all the other bits that have been injected by Wirebox…


Thank you very much! That solved it. So when injecting Preside’s native CFCs, do I only need to provide the name of the CFC and not the path?

When injecting my own CFCs, then use paths?

When injecting using Wirebox, you can just use the name of the CFC, you don’t need to (and shouldn’t) use any path. Preside + Wirebox locates all the services within your app and maps them automatically.

You would still need to use a path for extends=“” etc.

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