No pageLayoutPicker for homepage. Why?

Is there any reason, why the layout field (control=“pageLayoutPicker”) is deleted for the homepage pageType?

I think it’s assumed that your homepage is going to be custom anyway…

I’d be open to reinstating it by default. I would only show anyway when there are multiple layouts to choose from.

Might have been a decision that made sense 10 years ago (yes!) but not anymore.

I’d second this. If you only have one layout file for the homepage the field isn’t shown anyway. So it’s up to the developer and then to the customer.
In my case the customer wanted a redesign of the homepage and switch it on his behalf.

Just grooming our backlog and found this btw:

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Seb has been investigating this ticket and indeed it turns out there is a reason for this.

This default layout system is not used with system page types. The system presumes that rendering will be taken care of by the page type’s viewlet. This means that simply enabling in the form in core may/will not be sufficient.

I suggest that this should be implemented using the Page Layouts extension (FORGEBOX: Preside Extension: Page layouts). I think worth considering then merging this extension in the core in the near future.

cc @m.hnat

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