Post readable *without* login

General point on this discourse:

do you agree that all the posts here should be readable FOR EVERYONE without login?

From the perspective of non-exclusive preside-developers or people using a search-engine (or me, using my mobile on my way home reading the forum summery) this behaviour would be much better.

There are no secrets here, right? So my opinion is: login to post, but not to read

Cheers, Marcus


Totally agree! I don’t see any reason why reading the articles isn’t open to everyone.

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One of the reasons for moving from Slack to Discourse (besides the limit of 90 days on Slack) was that questions and answers should be searchable via Google. What good is it if something is searchable but not readable?

So yes, please make all posts readable without login!

Yes, totally agreed. This was not by design. I think the consequence is particularly minor given the size of the community, but defo something to fix. Let me see how that’s done…

… [one minute later] - that was easy, just a checkbox!


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