Preside admin app


I would like to ask if there is any Peside admin app available (perhaps a version of eventfolio might help) in order to study better the following interesting tutorial


There isn’t open source, no. However, you can get an empty admin application pretty quickly with:

box preside new site

And pick the Admin application skeleton (and follow any subsequent wizard options)

If you intend to release an open source solution, definitely it would help a lot of users to undrestand the know-how of preside admin.

Thanks a lot!

It’s not that difficult. The admin thing is nothing else as now, without the CMS part for the frontend. And it’s basically what you already do now: objects with CRUD functionality, some views for special output.

So, what do you expect from a demo project? There’s nothing black magic in there.

Is there something you want to know in special?

I understand your point! But since there is no cfcasts series regarding preside platform and besides preside documentation has got a lot of missing parts, definitely a complete or otherwise call it (open source version) definitely would help a lot towards that direction.
I know that there are copyright restrictions but at this moment according to me it’s the only and possible way to get your hands dirty and learn new and interesting stuff.


I agree. Some easy to follow examples would be nice and yes, the documentation is sometimes a bit of a pain (learned about preSelectObjectData-interceptor last monday, not described in the docu, but very helpful).

I’ll have a look in my extension, I think I have something that can be used as example app.

Well clearly we cannot make closed source commercial code available to help you with a product that is entirely free. It is what it is. We believe that with enough willpower and a problem to solve, you should be able to get your hands dirty using the already thorough documentation on the datamanager for the admin.

Use the scaffold - have a data based admin idea you want to implement and work your way through everything in here: Preside Documentation :: Data Manager

There is a lot in there to get you started and covers everything in the talk you linked to.

I totally agree with your thoughts (scaffold, Preside Documentation etc) and sure will try, but reading the following lines Zero transaction fees | eventfolio | The multi-event management & personalisation platform that say

We offer free licenses for charitable causes and select web technology / open source conferences, get in touch to discuss

I think that providing a free license to preside community (not to me) would definitely be a great gift and would be nothing compared to it.


Eventfolio is a commercial product. It doesn’t really compare with cfcasts in what it offers and is geared towards a private market.

cfcamp for example uses it with a free license for the open source conference. The source code will remain private and any licensing to use the product is on a case by case basis (i.e. get in touch if you have a particular requirement for an open source project or some such).

In other words, Eventfolio is not the droid you are looking for I think.

Would be super interesting to figure out a community driven admin-based open source application though. Would defo be up for helping out and contributing if folks have ideas.

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