Preside CommandBox Commands updated

If you are running Preside in CommandBox, it is recommended to update to the lates version of the commands (7.0.3):

box install preside-commands

This resolves an issue where settings in server.json would be wiped out and reset to default when starting a server using preside start. It also prevents custom tray icons from being overwritted by the default Preside icon.

So now you can do:

preside start port=8500 host=mysite.local trayIcon=myCustomIcon.png

…and then when you next start the server, you only need to do preside start and it will retain the custom config.

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Updated to the latest commands.
When starting with preside start my jvm.heapsize setting is overwritten and reset to 1024.
If I do the same with server start the setting is as set in server.json.
Bug or did I miss something?

This would actually have been the case always. It’s a similar issue to the trayicon being overwritten.

I’ve fixed it and released a new version of the commands. Update and try again…

Thanks for the quick fix. My application restart was getting longer and longer and I wondered what it cound be and seen this as possible issue.
Works now as expected and with more Ram…