Preside "Zero": feature flags on views

I’ve been playing with an upcoming branch to have Preside run as lightweight as possible when disabling various features. In its current form, if you create an “admin only” preside application, you still get various front-end database tables created in your database, for example.

With the bleeding edge preside, you will only get tables loaded that are absolutely necessary for your feature combination.

In addition, services and handlers are now all appropriately feature flagged and this means that they will not be read by the system if those features are disabled.

I’m looking to implement the same for views so that only necessary views are ever available and read by the system in production environment. I’m thinking something along the lines of the following syntax in the .cfm file, only recognised if it is the first line:

<!---@feature admin and emailCenter--->

Thoughts on the syntax above?

Making everything properly feature dependent has shown a lot of code that hasn’t properly been checking for features so is a really good clean out (it wasn’t just a case of putting feature flags on everything!).