renderData can not display utf-8 characters

I have got the following snippet of code in Preside 10.24

 pdf_result=renderView( view="page-types/usbtoken/pdfview", args=arguments.args );
 event.renderData( data=pdf_result,encoding="utf-8",type="PDF" );

and unfortunately i get the following output (dots for each utf-8 character). Perhaps that would be a problem too with json format.


This looks not like a Preside thing.
Please check the following:

  • Lucee-admin: Settings - Charset. Is all set to UTF-8?
  • Font: Is the font capable of displaying UTF-8 characters?
  • Lucee Version: Which version are you using?
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Regarding UTF-8 charset for PDF, i have found the following

  1. what is the correct charset for a application/pdf content-type http response header? - Stack Overflow
  2. character encoding - Is my pdf file encoded in UTF-8? - Stack Overflow

The problem exists ONLY for pdf format!

Lucee version 5.3.6 and Lucee admin charset settings are set ALL to UTF-8.

Regards again

I think this is your problem: <cfdocument> :: Lucee Documentation

While your system and your browser knows the font with greek symbols you need to “install” the font in Lucee.

See here for more information: Flying Saucer PDF Engine - CFDOCUMENT :: Lucee Documentation

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