selectData on drafts and versions - Not the result I expected

I did the following:

var draftRec = PresideObjectService.selectData(
				filter= { "id" })

What I get is the latest drafts version of the record. Which is fine, because it is what I wanted to get. But nevertheless i wonder about the result. I have two drafts in my versions table for this record, and what I expected were these two records instead of the one marked as is_latest_draft.

How would I get all drafts instead only the latest draft? All versions I get with getRecordVersions right?

scratching my head

Your draft version is always the latest draft version. You can step back through them in the admin UX, which I think will be using getRecordVersions, but there is no concept of having multiple drafts. When you save a draft, that is your draft version…