Sysadmin Login Only Available in Incognito Mode


As I am getting to know Preside, Chrome is behaving oddly in that when I log out of Preside and then attempt to log back in again, the URL I’m using results in a 404.

Using is the same.

However, when I open a new browser in incognito mode, it works perfectly well.

Interestingly, I find this also be true when accessing the Lucee administrator.

Any thoughts?

This sounds familiar. Delete all cookies, local storage, etc. This should help.


This may well be caused by having more than one application running on Cookies from one, overwriting cookies in the other.

A nice way to work around this is to use your local hosts file (i.e. /etc/hosts on nix systems) to map a local domain, e.g. myapp.local and use that instead of

For a Preside app with CMS enabled, you will need/want to update the site record in your database to use this domain. update psys_site set domain = 'myapp.local'; should do the trick.